A CAW Call to Arms

Are you a teacher, a student or educator? You could possibly even just be interested in the life-options an apprenticeship or education offers in Ireland. If so College Awareness Week 2018 needs you!

As CAW begins to grow and mature into an annual national campaign we’re seeing a constant level of engagement with our mission and efforts across the country. Already we have libraries, institutes of technology, secondary schools and adult education groups logging events on our website. These group activities, like the CAW campaign can change as years go by.

We have a whole plethora of resources which cover topics from publicity, logos, posters and activities – there’s enough for a College Awareness Month! You might find you want to take our resources and tailor it to your setting or groups needs, which is always encouraged. What we want as a national campaign is to cast our net as wide as possible but it’s a team-effort. We provide the platform and you provide the event and groupings.

Take what you need and change it, we can share your message with the entire nation. CAW is a great mission for everyone to get involved in, it’s an even better mission when initiative meets creativity. We’re already experiencing groups using our toolkits and platforms but shaping it to fit their own event styles within our CAW 2018 dates of November 19th – 24th. College Awareness Week is for every age bracket, postal code and level of education. We want to be an accessible vehicle for educational change but everyone’s needs can be different. Take your settings difference and share your message as #CAW2018 slowly begins to come around again. Remember, many hands make light work. Why not begin to organise an event for #CAW2018 and log it here!

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