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On this page you’ll find workshop ideas, quizzes, and other activity suggestions for your CAW events.

For Primary & Secondary Students:

Here’s a list of websites which offer information about preparing for and going to college.

For Teachers & Community Educators:

Career Connections is a collection pre-recorded videos based on the three academic disciplines within Trinity College Dublin:

  1. Health Sciences
  2. Engineering, Mathematics and Science
  3. Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Students that appear in these videos are a part of the Trinity Access Programme. These students discuss subjects needed for entry into their college courses, alternative entry routes as well as career opportunities available to them upon completion of their degree. This video aims to encourage the participation of under-represented groups at higher education but also aims to raise awareness of degrees that don’t put you on a direct path to a certain career. For example: European Studies,  Philosophy, Languages and many more!


Travelling Community Teaching Resource is a wonderful resource by Annmarie Collins, a teacher and graduate of Trinity College and Marino Institute of Education. The Travelling Community Teaching Resource will help fellow educators to create intercultural and inclusive educational experiences for all students, and develop deeper understanding and appreciation of Traveller Culture and Heritage. Click this hyperlink to read this resource: Travelling Community Teaching Resources.