Win Prizes for your School!

Transition Year students -submit a digital media project exploring further and higher education options

What is the “TY Challenge”?

To mark the launch of the 10th annual College Awareness Week (CAW) we are delighted to showcase “The TY Challenge”.

This initiative (founded in University College Cork and Munster Technological University) will see Transition Year students nationwide submitting a digital media project exploring further and higher education options.

In the lead up to the launch of CAW on the 20th of November, we will be asking students from DEIS schools to submit their creative projects to CAW, MTU and UCC judges. Information for students can be found below and in the accompanying guidelines.

The Task

Identify the Higher and Further Education courses available to you (based on your own interests) and communicate these in a creative way that can be used in a social media campaign to promote onward progression.

To enter

Apply here and we will follow up with information of where to send your Digital Media (for example, video/podcast/presentation/graphics and so on) submissions to us.

Deadline: 27th October 2023

The three winning groups from each school as well as DFHERIS, Trinity College Dublin, MTU and UCC representatives will be invited to the finals in MTU during College Awareness Week.

Three student groups will be awarded prizes such as class trips and vouchers and will have a nationwide stage to display their projects. The collaboration will celebrate students taking leadership over their learning and future education, something CAW has championed for the past decade!

The Prizes


TY Class Trip


€50 One4All Vouchers


Class Pizza Party