Great Project from St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra – Educational Disadvantage Centre

Sports 4 Success

Coordinator: Valerie McLoughlin

S4S will run for the spring semester on Mondays at 1.30, starting Monday 26th January 2015 finishing on Monday March 9th 2015


Run by the Educational Disadvantage Centre in the St Patrick’s College, Sports 4 Success is an after schools education programme for pupils who are attending DEIS schools. On Thursday 27th November, Sport 4 Success  involved eighteen 1st Class St Vincent’s boys in a ‘colouring-in’ competition focusing on ‘I want to be a … when I grow up’.  The event was in connection with College Awareness Week and although the boys are probably the youngest participants in College Awareness week, it is never too early to plant the idea of college being an option.

Pictured with the boys is Pat Courtney, Principal of St Vincent’s JNS.

S4SCollegeAwareness Sport4successnov2014

For more information about this great event and to see more photos go to:

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