It’s beginning to look like a lot like…#CAW2018

It’s the best of times, it’s the craziest of times! We’re slowly getting closer to College Awareness Week 2018. This year, CAW 2018 will take place between November 19th – 24th. Set a reminder, pencil it in and starting thinking about what you can do for #CAW2018.

We’ve got a bumper campaign planned for this year. We hope you’ve noticed our newly designed website with its sleeker image and mobile-friendly interface. Our web designers and content creators have spent the Summer break updating our site so that everything can be easy to access and fun to read.

CAW HQ has been inundated with boxes upon boxes of newly designed merchandise and booklets. Our CAW packs have been steadily exiting the building as we begin to plan our way to November.

Everyone on the CAW team has been eagerly working together to bring even more events nation-wide. We’ve previously logged over 1’500 events during College Awareness Week but with all our efforts this year we hope to make it even bigger. We are already received logged events which will happen during the week so it’s great to see people planning early.

Our campaign is beginning to create a voice of its own as College Awareness Week has been the platform in which people begin a conversation not only about the options of a third-level education but also about apprenticeships and other positive, post-secondary life plans.


Our CAW message is influenced by the people we engage with, so if you have an idea for a CAW event why not reach out and log it on our website. Why not? Sure everyone else is already logging their events!Our social media streams are continuously chugging along as people tweet, instagram and facebook us asking questions, sharing their stories and thoughts on this years campaign. Why not follow us if you want to keep up to date with our instant CAW content.

Instagram: @collegeaware

Twitter: @CollegeAware


It may be early days but as events begin to come in from communities around the country we can only assume, things will only get bigger and better for #CAW2018!

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