Male Buíochas from all at CAW HQ

College Awareness Week reached a new peak this year. Between the 19th and 24th of November CAW saw all 32 counties log and hold events in schools, libraries, community centres and museums. Thousands of students, educators and facilitators worked around the clock to provide week-long events all in the name of CAW. This support and gusto has not gone unnoticed as your commitment to CAW resulted in a record-breaking 1’700 events being held throughout the country. 

The astounding number of logged events is due to the commitment and guidance from all our project links throughout the school year. It is their shared-platform which has communicated our CAW message to you the principals and deputy principals as you encouraged your entire school to get behind the cause. 

This year our team travelled the length and breath of the country as our founder, Kathleen O’Toole Brennan and accompanying CAW team have met with secondary school students, colleges of further education, traveller community groups and students undertaking apprenticeships as they prepare to be college aware. This year also brought the inaugural Community Mentoring visits taking place as a PATH initiative. The variety of events on show matched the diversity of students and the post-secondary paths offered to them. 

It is the efforts of Perrigo representatives, Solas key-workers, NAPD staff and you the educators and fascilitators who inspire the students of tomorrow to be college aware and college-going. Everyone’s hard-earned work powers this College Awareness Week not just around the country, but into the many years to come.

Thank you, from everyone on the CAW team!

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