College Awareness Week (CAW) is a big operation. Schools, youth workers, and libraries, work alongside community educators, businesses, and other groups to celebrate the benefits of post-secondary education and showcase local role models. Throughout the year, this important work continues, but by coming together, we put college on the agenda for the whole country for one entire week. Thousands of events happen, as we often say, from Malin to Mizen Head.

CAW continues to be an important week. As Luke, a current student from Dublin puts it, “by highlighting role models and hosting College Awareness Week, we can change the narrative around third level education in different areas by showing people what opportunities they have and what they are capable of.”


With such a big week, preparation for CAW starts right away, as soon as the previous year’s campaign has finished. This is not only the case for the CAW team, but often for guidance counsellors, youth workers, parents, and community educators around the country. However, as we reach the start of the academic year and beyond, preparations step up a gear. The past few weeks, we were lucky to have the enthusiastic support of TY students from CBS Westland Row to give a hand. CAW merchandise is coveted material, and we needed all hands on deck to help us prepare for the busy weeks ahead. Thanks to our student volunteers, we’re all set for another eventful and inspiring College Awareness Week.

Packaged CAW merchandise Post bags