CAW collaborates to create a Travelling Community Teaching Resource


Annmarie Collins, a teacher and graduate of Trinity College and Marino Institute of Education.

CAW is very excited to launch a Travelling Community Resource written by Annmarie Collins, a teacher and graduate of Trinity College Dublin and Marino Institute of Education. Annmarie understands first-hand, the ‘crucial role teachers play in shaping the lives of young people’ and hopes this resource will help fellow educators to create intercultural and inclusive educational experiences for all students. The Travelling Community Resource aims to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of Traveller Culture and Heritage.  

The Irish Travelling community is one of the most marginalised communities in Ireland and the number of Travellers who progress to third-level education is just 1% of the community. This resource aims to support teachers’ around Ireland in shaping positive educational experiences for their students and to inspire, motivate and encourage students from all backgrounds to consider their course and career options.

Travelling Community Teaching Resources

Click the hyperlink to read Annmarie’s wonderful  Travelling Community Teaching Resource


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