Culture Vultures Take CAW Day 4

Day four of CAW has been commandeered by cultural arts and the education it brings to students. All across the country students and people of all ages are coming together to use their artistic skills and knowledge to inform their educational choices.

We’ve had writers, poets, artists and actors produce an array of CAW event all in the name of culture and education. Student have been given access to concert halls, galleries, libraries, cinemas and studious to explore and express the artistic and educational options these places and institutions offer them as they make informed decisions about their future.

In conjunction with College Awareness Week, Sarah Grimson from Trinity Access Programme (TAP) went along to talk to students who are currently undertaking the QQI Level 5, Cultural and Heritage Studies course hosted in the historic National Print Museum on Haddington Road. Thanks to course leader Rachel O’ Byrne and the students for inviting both CAW and TAP team members. Sixth Year students from CBS Westland Row, Dublin attended “Seamus Heaney: Listen Now Again” exhibition in the Bank of Ireland Cultural and Heritage Centre at College Green. Thanks to the entire team at the exhibition who kindly granted the students a tour around the exhibition. A follow-up workshop was organised by Sine Quinn and Angela McDonagh for CBS Westland Row students to discuss the importance of imaginative thinking thought education.

These events are becoming the heart of CAW but also the heart of Irish Arts and Culture communities as these institutes are showcasing the vibrant education and career a cultural approach to education gives students. Whatever the medium, our CAW culture vultures know how to make things their own and make their own kinds of music.





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