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#CollegeConnections webinar inspires for CAW

As part of College Awareness Week, CAW joined up with the Union of Students Ireland and the Irish Second-Level Students’ Union to run #CollegeConnections. It saw a diverse panel of students and graduates from around the country beamed into over 125 second level schools and FET colleges from around the country.

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The panel discussed their journeys through education, talking about how ‘everything happens for a reason’ with some people ‘falling into college’ and the ‘stars aligning’ to make it possible for others. It raised the notion that you have nothing to lose when opportunities present themselves.

An important take away from the panel was that there is always a way to get to where you want to go. There are so many avenues and different models of education to suit all students, whether that is university, further education and training, apprenticeships, or community education. The choice is up to you!

You can watch the full recording below:

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